Mellys Stroopwafel

History of the stroopwafel

Almost everyone in the Netherlands is familiar with the tasty stroopwafel, and this delightful treat is also known beyond the Dutch borders. However, what is much less known is the origin of the stroopwafel. When was the first stroopwafel made, and how did the idea for this delicacy come about? In this blog, you will learn more about the history of the quintessentially Dutch stroopwafel.

The origin of the stroopwafel

The exact year the first stroopwafel was made remains unclear. Some sources claim that the first stroopwafel appeared in 1810, while others suggest it was either in 1837 or shortly after 1853. What is certain, however, is that the stroopwafel originated in Gouda. The oldest known recipe for the stroopwafel comes from a baker in Gouda, and in 1837, the first stroopwafel factory was established there. The establishment of the first gas factory in Gouda in 1853 leads to speculation that large-scale production of stroopwafels became feasible only after this year.

Syrup waffle or ‘poor man’s cookie’?

Interestingly, the stroopwafel was initially known by another name — it was originally made under the name ‘syrup waffle’. Hence, the first stroopwafel factory was called the Gouda syrup factory. The syrup waffles were made from leftover dough, cookie crumbs, and syrup, making them relatively inexpensive. As a result, they were also sometimes referred to as ‘poor man’s cookies’, according to tradition.

syrup waffles and stroopwafels

Although the original syrup waffles and the stroopwafels we know today bear a strong resemblance, they are two distinct types of cookies. The filling of a syrup waffle is made from a thinner syrup than the syrup used in stroopwafels. Additionally, syrup waffles are made from two separate cookie halves that are baked independently and then bonded together with syrup. In contrast, a stroopwafel consists of a single waffle that is sliced in half, with syrup then spread between the two layers.

From local delicacy to global treat

Originally, stroopwafels were only available in Gouda, where they measured about 10 centimeters in diameter. Starting in 1870, the Gouda syrup waffle began to be made outside of Gouda as well. Later, the stroopwafel as we know it today was introduced. Today, these delicious wafers are available in sizes ranging from a diameter of 5 centimeters up to 25 centimeters. Furthermore, the success of the stroopwafel has crossed Dutch borders, with people in countries such as the United States, India, and Brazil also enjoying this delightful treat.

The tastiest stroopwafels in Amsterdam

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