Mellys Stroopwafel

How are stroopwafels made?

Stroopwafels have captivated the taste buds of millions worldwide. The Dutch treat originates from a simple, yet delightful recipe. Are you curious how the stroopwafel is made? Let’s delve into the ingredients and process that make up these beloved syrup waffles.

What are stroopwafels made of?

The basic ingredients of a stroopwafel are few, but the right balance is crucial for achieving that perfect chewy texture. Stroopwafels consist primarily of flour, butter, sugar, yeast, milk, and eggs. The dough acts as the base and is enriched with sweeteners and fat to create a soft, flavorful waffle. The distinctive filling is a caramel-like syrup made from molasses, brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon. This combination not only binds the waffles together, but also imparts a rich, warm flavor that makes stroopwafels uniquely satisfying.

How stroopwafels are made

The process of making stroopwafels is as delightful as eating them. First, the dough is prepared by mixing the ingredients until they form a cohesive mass. This dough is then allowed to rest, enabling the yeast to activate, which makes the dough rise and become fluffy. After resting, small portions of the dough are rolled into balls and placed in a specially designed waffle iron. These irons press the dough flat and bake it until golden brown. Once baked, each waffle is sliced horizontally while still hot. A generous spread of syrup is then applied to the bottom layer, and the top layer is pressed back on, allowing the sweet filling to meld the two halves into one.

Fresh stroopwafels

While factory-made stroopwafels can satisfy a quick craving, nothing compares to the experience of a fresh stroopwafel. Freshly made stroopwafels are often prepared at local markets or specialty cafes where they can be served warm. The warmth enhances the syrup’s flavors and softens the waffle, making it irresistibly gooey. Factory-made stroopwafels often lack this fresh, warm texture, but usually have a longer shelf life. This means you can save the sweet treat for later. On the other hand, seeking out fresh stroopwafels enables a taste experience that factory versions cannot match.

Enjoy warm stroopwafels in Amsterdam

Stroopwafels have captured the affection of many around the globe, yet they are fundamentally Dutch in essence. No trip to Amsterdam is truly complete without savoring a delicious stroopwafel. At Melly’s Stroopwafels, patrons can indulge in both large and small versions of these treats. Our assortment features warm stroopwafels adorned with a variety of toppings, alongside vegan and gluten-free versions. Additionally, visitors have the option to purchase a tin of stroopwafels, making for a perfect memento of their visit. Every bite at Melly’s offers a taste of the stroopwafel’s delightful flavor and its storied past.